Growing up between cultures can be tricky. Figuring out where you belong and where you fit in, learning new customs and juggling your family’s expectations with those of your peers. But living between cultures can also offer opportunities for humour, insight and a broader world view.

In June 2009, participants in a mentoring programme run by the Centre for Multicultural Youth came up with the idea for Living Between Cultures: A Cross-Cultural Creative Writing Project. The project’s main aim was to help students from migrant and refugee backgrounds find a voice to tell their unique stories. The first stage was a recruitment drive to find talented authors with a passion for children and refugee issues. Next, we ran a series of workshops at schools in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. Our authors used writing exercises to help students develop stories based on their own experiences or imaginings. The fruits of these workshops were collected for publication.

Living Between Cultures: Stories & Essays By Young People From Migrant & Refugee Backgrounds was launched at the Wheeler Centre on Thursday 5 August, 2010.


Daan Spijer
Gabrielle Wang

Project Team:
Cassy Polimeni (Project Manager/Editor)
Virginia Lim (Project Manager/Finance)
Shane Fairlie (Project Mentor)